Sunday, December 28, 2008

queen of hearts

nails: that's one "el" of a color by opi

i had a little inspiration of alice in wonderland while playing rummy with my family tonight. we've been playing cards just about every night since i've been on break. we play some poker every once in a while, but mostly we play lots of rummy, thirty-one, and of course, euchre. (don't worry if you've never heard of euchre, it's mostly popular in michigan, minnesota, etc.)

in other news, it was absolutely gorgeous here today! sunny and warm and 65 degrees; my mom and i actually laid out in the backyard and got a teeny bit of tan! gotta love that.

what have you been up to on your break?


1 comment:

Jesse said...

Playing cards is the only way to spend winter vacation!

Tanning in 65 degree weather? Lucky you! It's -4 over here.

I like your blog a lot- swap links?