Sunday, December 21, 2008

it's christmas time!

after being sick and miserable for a week straight, i'm finally feeling well enough to post. my apologies. the good news is, i'm writing this post from my family's home in north carolina! it's absolutely gorgeous here, with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. compared to michigan temperatures, i feel like i'm on vacation! (well, i really am on christmas vacation!) my parents and two younger brothers moved to greenville, nc, at the end of july this summer, leaving my oldest younger brother and i up in michigan. (he goes to eastern michigan university, and i go to western michigan university.)

anyway, christmas has snuck up on me this year! i love being around family, and of course the food! of course i love christmas decorations, don't you? my mother is a wonderful decorator, and despite the house being rented, she's managed to fix it up quite nicely. here's some quick shots i took of our house.

i've been wanting to sit down and knit for a while, but due to being sick i just haven't had the right mindset to yet!

i've been lucky enough to recieve a few gifts early this year, because my mom says i'm hard to shop for. here are some shoes that i got the other day! usually i don't wear heels because i'm so tall (5'8") but a girl needs a standard pair of black dress shoes, am i right? plus, they were on clearance for 9 bux, which is easier on santa's pocketbook!

i love being back with my immediate family for the holidays, but michigan is the home of the rest of our family. usually our traditions involve going to grandma and grandpa's and my dad's family after church on christmas eve, having christmas morning at our house, and then going over to my gram's and having christmas day with my mom's family. so, i'm not sure what we'll end up doing this year, but i'm sure it will be just fine.

what are your holiday traditions?
merry christmas, and happy holidays!

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Songy said...

Oh wow! That tree is amazing. Safe driving and happy holidays!

Jackie said...

The windchill was -11 degrees yesterday =[ And I thought about you yesterday because I knew you must be warm!
Did you have to fly out when you were sick?

I'm really digging those shoes. I'd probably tip right over though.

For my family Christmas traditions, my mother and I buy 2 new Christmas ornaments. I'm stocking up for when I move out. And, she's stocking up because she expects to give half her ornaments to me, and she needs replacements.
Then, we have a Christmas party with the Eddy's. Lots of delicious food. And we draw names out of a hat and exchange presents with them =D