Saturday, January 24, 2009

pin-up girl

jessie's shoot went amazingly yesterday, and i loved being a pin-up!
she's doing the seven deadly sins as pin-ups, and i got to be greed. i don't know if i would ever have the skills to be a professional model, but i think i did pretty well.
tell me what you think!

photos by jessie stein


Friday, January 23, 2009


i've sat down several times this week and tried and tried to think of something interesting to share, but i couldn't come up with anything.
my life is pretty much school school school right now.

today - finally - i came up with something!
my friend jessie is using me later today as a model for her studio project, and i'm going to be dressed up as a pin-up girl!

i'll post a few pictures when i can. i'm a little nervous though, because she might not have me wearing much! good thing my weight lifting class is in full swing!

so anyway, all of this modeling business reminded me that i modeled for my friend andrea last semester. her work deals with suffocation/fear of public speaking.
here are a few of the pieces i was in:

what do you have planned for the weekend?


Thursday, January 15, 2009

secretary of the arts

i came across an amazing news story this morning that i can't wait to share with everyone!
apparently mr. quincy jones, a man that wears many hats in the music biz, has asked obama about appointing a secretary of the arts, a cabinet-level position that would be the head of our cultural development.

i am so excited about the possibility of this position because of the potential there could be for the american public to gain more understanding about the arts/fine art, and for there to be better representation for the arts in our schools and the country in general.
many other countries have ministers of the arts, cultural secretaries, and the like. (most of which i imagine are in europe, and we know how much they love and support the arts.)

photo by me!

so if you're excited about this position also, what can you do about it?
there happens to be an online petition on the matter, which has about 111,585 supporters so far.
if you do support this, share the petition with everyone!
i'm not 100% sure how legit it is, but with that many people i'm pretty sure.
it can't hurt, anyway.

what do you think about having a secretary of the arts?


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


photo by me of me!

d'oh! i forgot to post again!!
i know everyone hates to see a new blog post with OMGIMSOSORRYIDIDNTPOSTINAWHILE right up front, but i do feel as though an apology is in order.

reasons why i haven't posted in a while:
1. working in the lab/darkroom/jewelry studio = not hot outfits
2. working out at the gym also = not hot outfits
(but i have seen results/lost a few pounds! woo!)
3. having 8:00 a.m. classes everyday leaves me with zero energy, and mondays/wednesdays i have class and work from 8a.m. to 5p.m. boo.
4. having two photo classes and a metals/jewelry class demands a lot of homework, and i don't have much time to do it in as it is
5. thursday night, my girlfriends and i had a fancy dinner party! unfortunately, we were all lazy and didn't take any pictures, so this is the only one we have and we're not even all in it!

left to right: my two girlfriends, and me!

i just shot two rolls of film this weekend and i will make contact sheets and print some this week, so hopefully i will be able to show you some progress shots!
i'll also show you some of my work for my jewelry class soon!

have you returned to school yet?
how have your first week(s) been?
have a great week!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

not awake yet

my 8am classes are definitely taking their effect on me today. i've either been going going going the past few days or i've been completely braindead - like today. most of my craziness has been running all over town getting supplies for my three studio class. i am soo broke right now!

here's a cool thing i found on - a visual representation of my musical taste and trends!

well enough about me, how has your week been so far?
(i promise i'll post something more interesting when i'm not so tired!!)


Sunday, January 4, 2009

michigan again

i've spent the last two days traveling, unpacking, grocery shopping, cooking, and enjoying some much needed catch-up time with my boyfriend. i hate having to be away from him over break!

here a sweet window shot out of the plane on my flight back.

after unpacking and settling back in, my boyfriend and i watched one of my favorite movies ever, annie hall! he gave it to me for christmas.

have a good week!