Thursday, December 4, 2008

4:3 x 14

it's been a long week here in snowy kalamazoo, so i thought i'd share with you what i've been up to!

my intro. to time based media class is having an exhibition! i'm so excited; i've never had my work in the student gallery before, and i've never done a video installation before! (or any installation for that matter.) i'll be sure to post pictures. based on our plans, this should be very creepy and amazing. i'd like to share my video with you! (i don't have the sound put in yet, but when i do i'll put it up)

also, my website is up and running! i'm probably going to redo the look of it and work out the kinks over break, but a few of my good pieces are up, as well as some just-for-fun stuff in the miscellaneous section.

i'd love to know your thoughts on this piece or on any of my work!

what have you been up to this week?



Songy said...

Brook, your website is fun. I specially like the misc section.

Sarah Von said...

The video is great - really spooky!