Tuesday, February 17, 2009

my 21st!

i finally have something worth posting! sorry guys...
anyway, this weekend was valentine's day, which would've been awesome except my boyfriend and i broke up. don't worry, it's for the best.
i'm single and fabulous!

anyway, i finally got my navel pierced!
i have a hoop for now, but i want to make something in my jewelry class that can dangle off of it when it heals. (kinda like britney's)

some other celebs with navel piercings:

so anyway, that was valentine's day, and that night at midnight was my birthday!
i was so glad to have great friends with me.
here's a few photos!

before we went to the bar, i got this cute little cake!

the first drink i wanted to try: a dirty martini. they're definitely my favorite now!

and we drank some more and danced pretty much the rest of the night.
i had such a great time!
(btw, my dress and jewelry is from forever 21!)

how was your weekend?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 things

so this has been flying around on facebook and the blogosphere for a while now and my roommate jackie from the pink panda just tagged me, so here goes!

25 things about me

1. i have 5573 songs, 15 days, or 29 gigs of music on my laptop/ipod, and i'm always looking for more.

2. i daydream constantly.

reverie by me

3. i have three younger brothers that are all bigger than me now.

4. i was born in michigan, but i've lived in mississippi, texas, ohio, california, maryland, michigain again, and my family just moved to north carolina this summer.

5. as a result of #4, i never want to "settle down" in my life. ever.

6. i have a lot of ocd tendancies.

7. i am extremely quirky. the toilet paper has to roll over, not under, my boyfriend has to walk next to me to my right, i like to have assigned seats at the dining table, etc.

8. i have an extreme, irrational fear of objects flying at me. thus, i don't play sports, and dodgeball is the. scariest. thing. ever.

9. sushi is probably my favorite food, and i really enjoy trying to eat healthy.

10. i've always thought that fashion was interesting, but as an artist, i always felt guilty about it. however, i attended a lecture by one of my favorite photographers, kelli connell, and she listed fashion as one of her inspirations! so i've come to realize that i shouldn't be ashamed of anything that i like.

carnival by kelli connell, one of my favorite pieces by her

11. i originally came to western michigan university to persue a degree in graphic design, but i learned so much about fine art that i decided i wanted to do that more instead. so at the insistance of one of my professors, i applied to the photography and intermedia program and got in!

12. i currently have 15 credits and two jobs here at school. i am in charge of all of the equipment that the school has for students to check out, and i am a photographer for the western herald.

13. i drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, which is 8 cups of water, or four standard water bottles, or two 1 liter bottles a day. i pee a lot.

14. i get motion sickness when i read in moving cars.

15. i absolutely love roller coasters.

cedar point's millenium force is my favorite so far!

16. the more chocolate, the better.

17. i can't function without coffee in the morning.

18. i've only had one pet my whole life, a golden retriever/cocker spaniel mix named sammy. we had him for six months.

19. i'm definitely straight, but i find women extremely attractive.

20. my roommate once asked me if i identify more with the earth or with the sky, and i chose the sky because it's unknown, free, and constantly changing.

21. i've always wanted to be able to fly.

22. i love wes anderson, sofia coppola, and woody allen movies.

short film hotel chevalier, part I of wes anderson's the darjeeling limited

23. i don't usually talk unless i have something usefull or intellegent to say.

24. i like to incorporate hip hop and dated terms into my everyday speech because i think it's funny. i use words like jankity, shady, and rad all the time.

25. i have no tolerance for being fake or for people that are fake.

other randoms:

i don't like sleeping.

i don't like wearing socks so i wear mismatched ones.

i am completely obsessed with hello kitty.

i have a love/hate relationship with teevee.

tell me about you!