Wednesday, December 31, 2008

champagne supernova in the sky

have you ever seen fireworks on new year's eve?!

i haven't since i was in disney world in florida for the new millennium. my dad's co-workers at the hospital are big fireworks lovers, apparently, and they had a whole pallet truck of the things delivered just for the occasion. they took six hours this past weekend to wire them all up in coordination, and the show lasted for well over half an hour. we were waay out in the country, and people were parked up and down the roads all over.

what a unique experience. i'm so glad that i can share it with all of you!
party safe, and have a healthy, happy new year!
see you on the other side...



Jackie said...

I've seen fireworks on New Years Eve when I lived in Florida. Not any big extravagant events or anything. But, people in the neighborhoods would set of several rounds of fireworks just as the clock struck midnight.

Songy said...

They are really nice shots!

well done. I know that it's not easy taking firework photos.

Magical isn't it? We will probably get that at the of January..Australia Day!