Saturday, December 27, 2008

animal babies

good morning! while having my coffee, i was browsing abc news in my attempt to be more in-the-know about what's going on in the world, and it didn't take me that long to digress. i came across a link for a new baby aardvark in detroit, and found all kinds of adorable baby animals! yeah, i'm really adding to my worldliness here. here's my favorites.

the baby aardvark, of course. he's so wrinkly!

my favorite animals live in or around water. this is a little baby otter!

sea lion and mama


polar bear cub

teeny tiny baby sonic the hedgehog!

and i don't usually like pigs, but this one won't walk in the mud unless she wears her little wellies! how cute!

what's your favorite animal?



Jackie said...

Cute overload!
I love bears. Any kind of bear. But my favorite are the Panda Bear and the Polar Bear. I also like cats, wild and domestic.
And lemurs and sloths.

Sarah Von said...

Good lord, but these guys are fantastic! I particularly like the tiny aarvark. The world needs more pictures of those tiny fellas.