Thursday, October 30, 2008

is it the weekend yet?

this week has been so stressful! projects, writing a grant, a take-home-exam, and an annotated bibliography (which i haven't started yet!).

it jumped up to the 50s today (yay michigan?), but it's still cold and i wanted to wear something warm and comfy. at least the sun's out and the s
ky's blue!top & leggings: walmart, legwarmers: charlotte russe

i don't usually wear glasses, but my contacts were freaking out this week so i had no choice. i don't think they look too bad with this outfit though.


halloween's pretty much here! one of my fellow photo majors is having a party tonight, my buddies are throwing a 21st birthday party tomorrow night, and saturday a couple of my girlfriends are having a halloween party! i don't think my system can hack going to all of them. i'll be making my own costume, so i'll be sure to post.

guess what i'm going to be!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

how to look good naked

it's hard to feel good about yourself these days, i mean honestly.
we are constantly bombarded with images of women who are super skinny, super photoshopped, and completely unrealistic.

i was flipping through a waiting room copy of a fitness magazine yesterday and i found this show. i can't believe i've never heard of it before!

carson kressley (queer eye for the straight guy) is, of course, fabulous and feverishly working with these women to help them to accept and to love what they look like. it's amazing to watch these women transform completely in just a few days!

the show is now into its second season, and you can watch all of season one and most of season two at!

i want to be on this show!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

palin as president

my web design class began studying web art yesterday, and our professor showed us this website. it's very interactive, and new features are being added every day until november 4th.
it's called

i'm not trying to tell you who to vote for, i just think that this is just plain funny!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


a few reasons why i started life as experiment:

· i'm a longtime livejournal user, but i wanted something that could be more public.

· as a junior in college, i'm learning daily about things that aren't necessarily academic, but that are none the less valuable, i.e. websites, blogs, tv shows, etc. i want to have an avenue to share these media, thoughts, ideas, and just plain cool stuff with the world!

· i love looking at blogs from people around the world and peering into their thoughts and lives. don't you?

well, i guess that covers it.

and now a little about me!

· i'm a junior at western michigan university majoring in fine art photography
and intermedia. i originally wanted to be a graphic design major because i love computers, but decided i wanted to do something meaningful with my life and not be limited to making letterheads or something my whole life. i love photography, but i'm still learning!

· i have an amazing boyfriend (whom i'll probably mention a lot) and we've been
dating for almost a year!

· other than school and work, my life is pretty limited right now, but i still find time to do things that i love. i have a few good friends, i knit and crochet, play videogames, listen to music, read books, exercise, and have fun!
welcome to my blog!