Wednesday, December 10, 2008

finally done with finals!

woo! now that that's over, i'll have much more time to post!

my friend ian came over yesterday and set up a super nintendo emulator for my roommate, jackie. i was so intrigued that i thought i'd download one for myself! i found snes9x, a very popular emulator for mac. it works very well so far, and i have some sweet games for it!

my very favorite is pretty soldier sailor moon: another story. it's a cheesy girly rpg for an obviously old system, but it's a lot of fun to play! i haven't gotten very far yet, but i'm hooked! it even has the outer sailor senchi in it. (i.e. sailor neptune, uranous, and saturn)

sailor moon was the first anime i ever watched, way back in junior high school and it's still one of my favorites. since then, i've gone through a major anime phase, and kind of gotten over it, but i do still love anime, manga, and japanese culture. some of my favorites are flcl, mushishi, and cowboy bebop.

i just remembered that pluto's not a planet anymore! aww, poor sailor pluto.

anyway, here are my absolute favorite pictures of the scouts from the manga. gorgeous.

what do you miss from your younger days?


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Jackie said...

Freaking sweet.
I'm downloading now.
Poor Pluto.

Sailor Moon was the first anime I ever watched (and I think it was the first Manga I ever started to read too). I miss it! But, Serena's voice was so annoying.