Monday, December 29, 2008

case of the mondays

eyeliner usually scares me, and i only wear it when i get dressed up and go out in the evening. but i finally found a good kohl pencil, instead of whatever twist-up kind i've had for a while. what a huge difference! next, i'm going to try liquid liner, because it's extra scary.

tonight, i'm sitting on the couch watching season 4 of project runway. i wish i could sew clothes for myself. camille of childhood flames continually amazes me with all of the things she sews herself. the closest i get to making my own clothes is knitting accessories and cutting up teeshirts. oh, if i only had a sewing machine...



Jackie said...

Eyeliner was the only makeup that never scared me. I used to wear it every day in 10th and 11th grade. I got a snazzy eye liner pencil for Christmas. It's called Blackened Sapphire by Revlon. I like it lots.
(I don't know what a kohl pencil is...)

There was a House marathon on the USA channel Friday and Sunday. Didja catch it? I was pretty much glued to the tv.

Miss ya ma'am!

brooke said...

yeah, i was definitely using the wrong (cheap-o 1$) kind of eyeliner. kohl is just soft and charcoaly and smudgy for the smokey look, from what i've deciphered.

i didn't know about house! :(