Thursday, November 20, 2008

lookbook with coffee

i don't think that i've ever been more interested in fashion than now. i've gotten over my insecurities about my body and learned to embrace it. i've also found that i feel way more confident if i take a little time to wear more than just jeans and a teeshirt every day.

in the process of trying to find my own style, i've stumbled upon sites like lookbook. i like lookbook because it's real people, so i tend to think that what they wear is actually wearable in the real world. so i've been prowling around on there when i should be doing homework (oops) and i've found these inspiring looks!

what do you do/wear to treat yourself or to boost your self esteem?


1 comment:

Sarah Von said...

Oooh, I love that cutie with the blue tights and attitude! Hmmm, usually when I'm looking to boost my mood I drink some coffee and get outside. And possibly snuggle something warm and furry. Preferably alive.