Wednesday, November 12, 2008

not dead yet

a much overdue post after cleveland this weekend! it wasn't as beneficial or fun as i thought, but we made the best of it! i got back on sunday, but i'm so behind on college work that i haven't had time to post until now.

also, jason and i have been together for one year! (as of yesterday 11/11)so he's going to take me out to dinner this weekend!

anyway, here's some pictures of cleveland!

i wore this to a gallery opening:

and here's some shots of downtown!

these djs were so rad!
they had awesome music, and they had the transformers movie
projected behind them for their whole set!

well that's all i have for now.
i'll post something more interesting tomorrow, hopefully!



Jackie said...

I seriously love the outfit. I wish I could pull off outfits like that.

brooke said...

you so coould!
have you ever tried?
hmm hmm?