Wednesday, November 5, 2008

tuesday's adventures

tuesdays are usually so blah and uneventful, but not this week! for class, we had to go out and shoot some video, but i brought a still camera and got some great pics!

one of my favorite spots on campus is east hall, built in 1902 i believe.

leaves grow on almost the entire building
i love the way radiators look!east hall is up on a hill that overlooks all of downtown. it's so gorgeous!
yours truly, the adventurer

there student studios and art classes held there up until last semester, but now all of the inside is chain-link-fenced off! luckily, we found a secluded door on the back and broke in! shhh....

and if that wasn't enough shenannigans already, we went over to the cemetary so my friend could get some footage. it was so gorgeous with the fall colors!hope we don't get haunted!

hope you enjoyed the scenery!

do you like to go on advetures? if so, what do you do?


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jillian-anne said...

those leaves are so beautiful! great photos!