Friday, November 21, 2008

inspiration: weird knits, and lots of links

i love crafts, don't you? there's something very calming and centering about the process of them.

i was looking around online the other day for some different knitting and crocheting techniques
i wanted to try, and i stumbled across some really awesome (and weird) stuff!

first off, i saw this awesome hat on castoff, and i wanted to try to figure out how to do this loopy stitch.

so i googled for a while and found this page which shows you how to knit loopy, and this page that shows how to crochet loopy. so, whichever one you choose, you too can make this awesome stitch! once i'm done with all of my christmas knits, i might have to start on this!

then i stumbled upon pick me!, which features a lot of different kinds of knits, but one that particularly grabbed my attention. recycled plastic bag knitting! yeah, for real!
here's some examples of great things to knit/crochet out of plastic bags:

of course, anything knitted that you can think of you could use this plastic bag technique for! a quick search on google, and you'll find knitted plastic bag jewelry, bags, shoes, and even sculptures. it's really quite amazing!
here are some links to get you started, and some links just for cool knits! if you have any other questions, suggestions for posts, or just general comments about my blog, i'd love to hear what you have to say! please leave me a comment! have a fabulous weekend!


1 comment:

Jackie said...

Oh! I'm glad you featured the plastic bag knitting; it's really cool. I like the bags.
The shoes...although innovative and I'm sure lightweight, I wonder if the creator actually wears them; they seem like they'd be uncomfortable and itchy.