Monday, November 24, 2008

fashion inspiration: carrie bradshaw

now, i know you're all thinking she's not a real person, but she still has amazing style and the knack for really pulling it off!
sex and the city's carrie bradshaw is probably the character i most identify with on the show; and style-wise i like her outfits the best! (although samantha is a scream!)
(by the way, i have successfully downloaded all seasons of satc! if you're familiar with torrents at all, ravydavy has great ones of all the seasons. check it out!)

so hopefully there's some sex and the city fans out there. anyway, here are a few outfits that i'm inspired by.
happy monday!

by the way, do you love sex and the city, or another similar show?
if so, who's your favorite character/style inspiration, and why?



Sarah Von said...

I love Carrie's hair so hard ... and I have a soft spot for her often (cough) courageous? fashion choices. I have occasionally been accused of liking ugly pretty things, which is something I think Carrie sometimes dabbles in.

brooke said...

lol i like ugly things too!
well, ugly cute things.