Monday, March 9, 2009

after spring break

my spring break was this past week, and it was much needed.
mostly i caught up on my sleep and shot a few rolls of film, but i scored some new digs from old navy, including a new swim suit!
if only it were warm and sunny enough to wear it. i'm really done with winter, michigan.

i watched a few movies with my family over break, but when my family was busy, i downloaded and watched vicky christina barcelona. as a woody allen fan, it was only a matter of time before i watched it and instantly fell in love. and as soon as i got back to kalamazoo i watched it again!

scarlett johansson is one of my favorite favorite favorite actresses of all time, so of course i enjoyed seeing her in this film. i definitely identified with her character, christina, the most. (and not just because we're both into photography!)

i'd never heard of javier bardem before i saw this, which is unfortunate because he is gorgeous!
dark hair, deep eyes, and a thick spanish accent? yes please. (i think his eyes look a lot like jason's. we just got back together, btw.)

i've only seen penelope cruz in vanilla sky and now this, and she's growing on me. i think she's exotically beautiful and very talented. and i wish my hair would look like that!

so anyway, if you haven't seen this movie yet, you definitely should.
it opened my mind just a little bit more.
p.s. i think it's funny that this happened to take place in spain, when my roommate, jackie has been in spain this past week! i can't wait to see how her trip went!

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