Friday, March 20, 2009

spring springing?

i've been slacking, blog. soo much darkroom work!

i've been trying to wear dresses/skirts this week. so far, it's been really awesome. it's so much easier when you just pick one piece of clothing, and then tights or leggings, than pants, teeshirt, and a sweater, etc.
i think so, anyway. plus it's finally warming up outside! spring is technically here today!
how much better of an excuse could one need?

i've mostly got dresses from thrift stores, which are awesome, but i've noticed a few in stores that i wouldn't mind having as well.

victoria's secret has a lot, but they want 40 - 100 bux for all of them! honestly, i think i could sew some of these myself if i had a sewing machine. but i like looking at them anyway.

i love baggy dresses, they look so carefree and comfortable!

i've been looking for a while now for a teeshirt dress - you know, like a teeshirt but long enough to be a dress? i can't believe how hard they are to find. the VS one above is like 40 bux. i found some great ones at urban outfitters, but their stuff is usually for people the size of asparagus.

(the teal one is exactly what i want! ahh!)

i only found a few at forever 21. they're showing mostly maxi dresses, which are very pretty, but i would never want my legs all covered up in the summer! unless it was a chilly night, but still.

who's excited for spring?


Jackie said...

"but their stuff is usually for people the size of asparagus."

Oh man, I laughed so hard.

I'm totally pumped for Spring!
I wish it was just a tad bit warmer so I could whip out my tank tops though.

Anonymous said...

dno what the fuck this is, but im hanging on ... how do you tag yourself in this? jackie..brooke..