Thursday, January 15, 2009

secretary of the arts

i came across an amazing news story this morning that i can't wait to share with everyone!
apparently mr. quincy jones, a man that wears many hats in the music biz, has asked obama about appointing a secretary of the arts, a cabinet-level position that would be the head of our cultural development.

i am so excited about the possibility of this position because of the potential there could be for the american public to gain more understanding about the arts/fine art, and for there to be better representation for the arts in our schools and the country in general.
many other countries have ministers of the arts, cultural secretaries, and the like. (most of which i imagine are in europe, and we know how much they love and support the arts.)

photo by me!

so if you're excited about this position also, what can you do about it?
there happens to be an online petition on the matter, which has about 111,585 supporters so far.
if you do support this, share the petition with everyone!
i'm not 100% sure how legit it is, but with that many people i'm pretty sure.
it can't hurt, anyway.

what do you think about having a secretary of the arts?



Sarah Von said...

What a fantastic idea! Quincy Jones: kudos, sir.

Jackie said...

Our nation seems so math and science centric. It would be nice to have a Secretary of the Arts!

Ike said...

how cooool! I hope there is enough money to appoint one.

the picture looks really great :)