Thursday, October 30, 2008

is it the weekend yet?

this week has been so stressful! projects, writing a grant, a take-home-exam, and an annotated bibliography (which i haven't started yet!).

it jumped up to the 50s today (yay michigan?), but it's still cold and i wanted to wear something warm and comfy. at least the sun's out and the s
ky's blue!top & leggings: walmart, legwarmers: charlotte russe

i don't usually wear glasses, but my contacts were freaking out this week so i had no choice. i don't think they look too bad with this outfit though.


halloween's pretty much here! one of my fellow photo majors is having a party tonight, my buddies are throwing a 21st birthday party tomorrow night, and saturday a couple of my girlfriends are having a halloween party! i don't think my system can hack going to all of them. i'll be making my own costume, so i'll be sure to post.

guess what i'm going to be!


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