Tuesday, October 21, 2008


a few reasons why i started life as experiment:

· i'm a longtime livejournal user, but i wanted something that could be more public.

· as a junior in college, i'm learning daily about things that aren't necessarily academic, but that are none the less valuable, i.e. websites, blogs, tv shows, etc. i want to have an avenue to share these media, thoughts, ideas, and just plain cool stuff with the world!

· i love looking at blogs from people around the world and peering into their thoughts and lives. don't you?

well, i guess that covers it.

and now a little about me!

· i'm a junior at western michigan university majoring in fine art photography
and intermedia. i originally wanted to be a graphic design major because i love computers, but decided i wanted to do something meaningful with my life and not be limited to making letterheads or something my whole life. i love photography, but i'm still learning!

· i have an amazing boyfriend (whom i'll probably mention a lot) and we've been
dating for almost a year!

· other than school and work, my life is pretty limited right now, but i still find time to do things that i love. i have a few good friends, i knit and crochet, play videogames, listen to music, read books, exercise, and have fun!
welcome to my blog!


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